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The name G9 is a nod to the G scale used to predict parabolic curve trajectory of a bullet in flight. Best known are the G1 and G7 ballistic coefficients (BC). G9 bullets fly differently because they are lower density but have high ballistic coefficients and the highest muzzle velocities. The muzzle velocity is largely due to our patented shapes reducing friction in the barrel. These characteristics would require a different G scale to be more predictive.

We are first and foremost, an intellectual property company.

Innovation drives all aspects of G9. We develop, test and manufacture very specialized ammunition specifically engineered to provide lethal & accurate defense for highly concentrated human environments. It was out of this recognized need for security that the genesis of our company began. We are a family business with manufacturing in the USA. Made in America is very important to G9 and our partners. Our Faith, Families and Freedom are the pillars of our existence. The hallmark of G9 is the desire to care for and promote the well-being of people. The company’s collective concerns continue to be for protecting the innocent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EHP and how does it work?

External Hollow Point, the unique design channels fluid and media through its flutes to create a dynamic that cuts and enlarges the wound channel while reliably not over-penetrating.

Do the EHP bullets expand , tumble or fragment?

No, the bullet is solid copper and CNC machined perfectly to maximize the fluid dynamics which creates a destructive wound but reliably, not over-penetrate. Therefore it does not need to expand, tumble or fragment.

What is the difference between EHP & Woodsman?

The External Hollow Point is designed to be the optimal EDC round (i.e. defense against 2 legged threats).

The Woodsman is designed to penetrate deep and defeat thick hides and heavy bones. It is intended to be an optimal hunting/backcountry choice (i.e. defense against 4 legged threats).

Why does a 9mm EHP weigh 80 grains when most defensive offerings weigh 115–147 grains?

The External Hollow Point design utilizes a different technology than a common hollow point. This design uses velocity to create the wound dynamic rather than expansion. A substantially lighter bullet offers greater muzzle velocity and energy with lower recoil and reliable penetration to 18”.

Is there any testing available?

Yes, a third party company was requested by elements of the U.S. military to validate this technology. Viper Weapons Training has conducted exhaustive testing on most of the popular defensive offerings in handgun calibers. This testing has highlighted the superiority of G9’s technology. A copy of a recent testing reports can be found here:

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