375 H&H 300gr Shape Charge

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20 count box

G9's Shape Charge technology eliminates the need for expansion to inflict devastating wounds, guaranteeing 100% functionality. These projectiles boast controlled penetration, creating permanent cavitation beyond caliber size by directing a jet of liquefied tissue into surrounding areas. Resilient to variability such as late or early expansion, jacket separation, or failure to expand, they utilize fluid dynamics to prevent over-penetration and optimal depth. Shape Charge Technology was engineered to transform hunting experiences while prioritizing environmental safety. Bid farewell to conventional hunting round limitations; our revolutionary design ensures consistent, devastating performance even amidst natural obstacles. Crafted with precision, durability, and reliability, our non-toxic rounds deliver unmatched penetration and stopping power for clean, ethical kills every time. With superior velocity and reduced recoil, G9 ammunition empowers hunters to achieve accurate and effective shots, enhancing success.

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