9mm +P 124 gr Woodsman

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9mm +P 124 gr Woodsman

Backcountry Defense Ammunition
200-round case or 20 count box


When there is a need for protection against anything that can be found in the wilderness, the Woodsman answers the call. It provides deep, straight penetration with the power to overcome thick hides and heavy bones making it an ideal handgun hunting choice. It is precision machined from solid copper and therefore displays fantastic accuracy and remarkable dependability in terminal performance. It not only penetrates deep, it creates a phenomenal cavitation. Third party testing has proven the Woodsman design to be the largest wound cavity producing munition in handgun calibers due to its unique and patented tip design. The Woodsman exhibits the ‘works on contact’ performance that G9 has become known for. G9 does not recommend this munition for everyday carry due to the impressive depth of penetration.


Solid Copper Woodsman Specifications: 9 mm 40 S&W 45 ACP 10 mm
Weight (grains) 124 130 165 145
Muzzle Velocity (FPS) 1200 1300 1230


Muzzle Energy (ft-lb) 396 488 554 677
Penetration in Ballistic Gel (in) 38 38+ 36 42+


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4 Reviews

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    Posted by Chuck on 14th Jan 2024

    3 boxes in on 2 guns and 0 problems. That, along with the reports of successful encounters solidifies my support for G9's products!

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    Excellent hunting round

    Posted by CrawldaBeast on 30th Oct 2023

    Got these at our local farm & ranch store for use in a TNW ASR for deer hunting. I had to modify the upper feed ramp so the cartridges would feed properly. After that they fed flawlessly along with curing the same issue with some other ammunition as well. I took a whitetail buck at about 60yds. The bullet made a complete pass through breaking a rib on the far side and traveling straight all the way through. There is very little information about this round and even G9 doesn't promote it like it should be. I will definitely be picking up more in other calibers as well.