Copper Fouling Guide

Copper Fouling Guide

Posted by Weston Rogers on 3rd Nov 2021

When shooting brass bullets, copper fouling can affect accuracy, pressures, and reduce the inherent benefits to shooting brass projectiles. Before sighting in your rifle, it is important to thoroughly clean your barrel and remove all copper fouling. There are many methods and products you can use to remove copper fouling. Outlined this is the protocol we use when switching to brass from solid copper or copper jacketed bullets.

Equipment used:

  1. Using the proper caliber jag on a rifle length cleaning rod, run a patch coated in a bore solvent that will aid in removing built up carbon, oils, and other residues in the bore. Follow by scrubbing the bore with a nylon brush. After scrubbing the bore, run one or two dry patches through with your cleaning jag. Repeat this process until your dry patches are coming out clean.
  2. Using your cleaning jag, run a patch coated liberally with copper solvent through your bore. You should see blue streaking on the patch indicating oxidized copper is being removed. Switch to your nylon brush and scrub vigorously. Like you did in step 1, follow up with 1-2 dry patches and repeat the process until you are no longer getting any blue tint to your dry patches.
  3. Using your cleaning jag, run a patch with an oil of your choice to lightly coat and preserve your bore. Follow with one final dry patch.

Written By:

Weston Rogers

G9 Defense, Director of Special Projects