6.5 Creedmoor 114gr Brass Super Match

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Ballistically Matched

The 114gr Super Match is a ballistic match to our 113gr Long Range Hunter. As a result, you can effectively train with this round and hunt with the more expensive Long Range Hunter. 


Super Match

G9 Super Match technology is used in rifle projectiles intended for target, competition, and training applications. Coupling high muzzle velocities and high ballistic coefficients, G9 Super Match demonstrates shorter times of flight, flatter trajectories, and less wind drift compared other match bullets on the market. G9 Super Match rounds extend a shooter’s long-range capability to new levels.


Internal Ballistics

Brass and certain copper alloys have improved metallurgy that allow for less friction in the barrel, resulting in faster muzzle velocities at SAAMI standard pressures and lower barrel temperature during a firing string. These properties are enhanced by the patented side geometry of G9 Super Match bullets. The projectile features multiple bands machined into its side, which decreases bearing surface and pressures. Combining these design benefits with the most rigorous load development and testing standards, G9 offers rounds with high muzzle velocities for caliber while maintaining extremely low standard deviations.



G9 Super Match projectiles are all machined turned solid copper or brass, which offer significant improvement in consistency over traditional jacketed lead bullets, which often can have minor inconsistencies in density. By machine turning our projectiles we can produce a round with a lower standard deviation of ballistic coefficient than any other method of production. At extended ranges, a low standard deviation in BC is more meaningful than a low standard deviation in muzzle velocity resulting in higher accuracy at extended ranges.


*Semi-Automatic Rifles*

Please be advised that G9’s 6.5 CM 114 grain Super Match was designed with peak performance in mind may not be suitable for all semi-automatic rifles. Although all G9 ammunition tests well inside safe SAAMI standard pressures, many semi autos chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor have a large variety of gas system configurations. Due to the large variations in gas systems, G9 Defense cannot ensure proper cycling in 100% of platforms while maintaining peak performance for all others.

Caliber:           6.5 Creedmoor

Bullet:             114gr Brass Super Match

G1 BC:            .575

Velocity:          3050 fps

Recommended Twist Rate: 1:8 or faster

Packaging:       200-round case, 20 count box

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