6.5 Creedmoor 113gr Long Range Hunter

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G9's Long Range Hunter represents in a technology breakthrough in non-lead, monolithic, projectile design. By combining a number G9's patented design features with high muzzle velocity and BC, the Long Range Hunter increases a hunter's capability to make lethal and ethical shots to ranges previously limited by a round's terminal performance. This 6.5 Creedmoor hunting round is not only the best lead free / non-toxic option on the market, it is likely the most capable hunting round in its caliber on the market today. 

G9's Depth Charge technology delivers nearly class leading performance in all ballistic categories while remaining lead-free. Relatively high ballistic coefficients combine with extremely high muzzle velocities to produce short times of flight and extended super-sonic ranges. Short times of flight mitigate wind-effect and produce high hit probabilities. Low friction in the bore extends the life of the barrel. G9’s manufacturing methods provide exceptional consistency. The patented technology has brought about never-before achieved terminal effect.

The terminal effect of Depth Charge projectiles is unique to all other munitions. In order to create wounding, Depth Charge projectiles hydraulically fracture when encountering fluid in media. Upon impacting a soft target, the flutes of the tip begin loading with liquified media. The liquefied media compacts inside the flutes to a critical point forcing the forward portion to hydraulically expand and fracture, sending fragments out laterally. Fragments from hydraulically fractured brass and certain coppers have extremely sharp cutting edges, which cuts rather than tears. The central forcing cone will laterally transfer energy far greater than other designs.

Depth Charge technology uses a pointed, non-deforming tip that forms the central component as the mechanism of expansion. Machined flutes in this tip act as a multitude of hollow points when encountering soft targets. This non-deforming tip pierces barriers with minimal deflection and yaw. The patented design is unique in expanding projectiles. Other armor piercing projectiles have poor performance in the creation of wounds. G9 has designed a unique projectile with exceptional barrier penetration and class-leading terminal performance.

G9’s Depth Charge is the most consistent munition in internal, external, barrier, and terminal performance. G9’s CNC manufacturing ensures uniform interaction with the barrel that produces exceptional accuracy and low standard deviations in muzzle velocity. Testing has demonstrated that G9’s Depth Charge has an exceptionally low standard deviation and extreme spread of the ballistic coefficient. The Long Range Hunter employs a brass tip to ensure that the bullet will not be deformed or clogged by intermediate and terminal barriers, such as branches or bone. This tip also uses a fluted  forcing cone to produce the most reliable terminal performance down to velocities much lower than other monolithic hunting bullets. Testing with various Long Range Hunter projectiles has demonstrated reliable expansion approaching transonic velocities. 

G9’s patented technology creates a high ballistic coefficient for the caliber and weight of the projectile. The fact that G9 does not use a central hollow point for expansion allows the meplat of the projectile to be very consistent, pointed, and efficient through the open air. 

G9’s patented side geometry decreases the friction in the bore, increases barrel life, maintains a high BC, increases muzzle velocity, and provides a minimal standard deviation in shot to shot velocity. G9’s aerodynamic driving bands reduce the bearing surface and allow a lower internal pressure while the barrels’ lands are cutting into the bullet. The use of this technology dramatically increases barrel life. This is achieved through lower friction and evidenced by less barrel heat. The lower friction allows for a higher muzzle velocity at the same internal pressure. The fact that G9’s technology is produced on CNC equipment means that there is a very precise and consistent interaction with the barrel.


Alpha Munitions shares a kindred spirit with G9 Defense: the eternal pursuit of ballistic perfection. Their Optimized Case Head Design (OCD) far exceeds performance standards typically associated with cases. Their innovative technology is combined with industry leading manufacturing standards and the result is second to none. Their elevated level of performance combined with uncanny consistency, makes their brass the obvious match for our 6.5 Creedmoor brass projectile line. Expect single digit standard deviations and next level accuracy. Learn more about Alpha Munitions at www.alphamunitions.com



    Unlike other non-lead hunting options, which primarily use copper, the Long Range Hunter is machine turned brass, which has significant benefits to barrel life and reduced friction in the barrel. However, it is important to clean your barrel thoroughly of all copper fouling before shooting brass projectiles or accuracy issues may occur.
    Please be advised that G9’s 6.5 CM 113 LRH was designed with peak performance in mind may not be suitable for semi-automatic rifles. Although all G9 ammunition tests well inside safe SAAMI standard pressures, many semi autos chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor have a large variety of gas system configurations. Because of this and the intended use of the design, G9 recommends only shooting this round in bolt action platforms.



Caliber:           6.5 Creedmoor

Bullet:             113gr Brass Long Range Hunter

G1 BC:            .575

Velocity:          3050 fps

Minimum Twist Rate: 1:8 or faster, 1:7.5 or faster for optimal stability and BC

Packaging:       20 count box

200-round case, 20 count box

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