9mm 80 gr External Hollow Point

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9mm 80 gr External Hollow Point

Personal Defense Ammunition
200-round case or 20 count box.

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The External Hollow Point (EHP) is a precision made defensive handgun round that has unmatched reliability. The reliability comes from the fact that it does not require expansion to create devastating wounds and not over-penetrate. This is due to the unique and patented shape of the projectile. Rather than expansion, it utilizes its shape to create cavitation by way of fluid dynamics that enlarges wounds and uniformly transfers energy to repeatedly penetrate to an optimal depth. The EHP is a truly barrier blind munition. It is precision machined from solid copper and has no possibility of jacket separation no matter what barrier is encountered. It passes through common barriers without transferring energy so there is still a uniform and dynamic effect on the intended target. EHP technology employs light for caliber projectiles. This not only increases the amount of kinetic energy that gets transferred into the terminal target, it significantly reduces felt recoil.

  • The External Hollow Point™ bullet features proprietary geometry on the exterior of the projectile that produces a “Barrier Blind”™ capability and extreme wounding as it goes through the target.
  • The uniquely shaped tip allows penetration of common barriers such as windshields, drywall and vehicle sheet metal with no projectile deformation.
  • While designed to cut through hardened materials, the EHP™ round slows quickly in tissue to prevent over-penetration. The shape of the External Hollow Point™ is engineered to immediately transfer the maximum amount of energy laterally upon impact with tissue, creating a bursting-type entrance wound, large temporary cavitation and a controlled depth of penetration not seen in Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) or conventional Hollow Point (HP) projectiles.
  • In addition to reliable penetration and immediate energy transfer into the target, the lightweight EHP™ projectile greatly reduces felt recoil, allowing for rapid follow up shots.
  • Every aspect of the G9 External Hollow Point™ has been scrutinized and engineered to produce the best carry ammunition for a defensive handgun. As a responsible citizen, your training should include scenarios that are realistic. The ammunition you select should be up to the job as well.

Personal Defense Ammunition is a critical aspect of self-defense for many gun owners, especially those who rely on the popular 9 mm caliber. The 9 mm, also known as the 9x19mm Parabellum or 9mm Luger, has become the standard ammunition for handguns in the United States and around the world. It has a long and storied history, with its roots tracing back to the early 20th century.

The 9 mm cartridge gained popularity during World War I as it was adopted by various militaries. Its use continued in World War II and beyond, proving its effectiveness on the battlefield. Today, it remains a preferred caliber for personal and home defense due to its manageable recoil, high magazine capacity, and affordability.

Numerous manufacturers produce 9mm ammo, but none of these offers what G9 Defense offers. These companies offer a wide range of options, including both FMJ (full-metal jacket) and hollow point rounds. Hollow point bullets are particularly popular for self-defense as they expand upon impact, creating a larger wound channel and increasing stopping power.

When choosing personal defense ammunition for a 9mm pistol, factors such as barrel length and overall length of the firearm come into play. Barrel length affects the velocity of the bullet, with longer barrels typically resulting in higher muzzle velocity. However, even compact concealed carry handguns, like the Springfield Hellcat or Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, can provide effective defense with the right ammunition.

Personal defense ammunition in the 9 mm caliber is a crucial consideration for those seeking to protect themselves and their loved ones. With its long history, wide availability, and diverse range of options, the 9 mm remains one of the most popular choices for self-defense. Whether it be in the hands of military personnel, your local law enforcement, or the responsible civilian with a concealed carry permit, the 9 mm pistol paired with the right ammunition provides a formidable means of personal protection.

Solid Copper External Hollow Point (EHP) Specifications: 380 ACP 9 mm 40 S&W 45 ACP 10 mm
Weight (grains) 70 80 95 117 95
Muzzle Velocity (FPS) 1120 1480 1450 1400 1720
Muzzle Energy (ft-lb) 195 389 450 509

10 Reviews

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    9 mm external HP 5 stars

    Posted by Michael Bergmann on 29th Feb 2024

    By far the best defensive ammo on the market.

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    ???? Worth it ????

    Posted by Mark H. on 29th Feb 2024

    I have a Cz p10c (15+1) and when I tested these rounds the first thing I noticed was the weight difference between them and what I usually carry (federal HST 124 grain). When I fired them it was a mag that was half loaded with my HSTs and half with the G9s so I could try and tell the recoil difference. There was quite a difference but not as much as I was expecting (your experience may differ), I was probably just over analyzing before my test. Overall I am pleased with my purchase and will be buying them again and have already gotten a co-worker and my brother-in-law interested in them. Thank you for your time.