The Best Defensive Ammunition, 2022

The Best Defensive Ammunition, 2022

Posted by Kyle Holmes on 29th Jun 2022

With all the self-defense ammunition out there to buy, it can be overwhelming to figure out which is best. Which should you choose to protect yourself and family? The better question should be what qualifications should I consider when buying self-defense ammo? If you ever find yourself in a self-defense situation you may only have that one shot, literally, to save your life or the lives of others. Is the ammunition in your gun ready to do its intended job or should you consider a new self-defense ammo? Here is a breakdown of what you should consider as the best self-defense ammunition characteristics:

1. Penetration (Part 1) - To be considered the best defensive ammunition you have to consider penetration. Under penetration means the projectile is not performing as it should, leading to an aggressor continuing to aggress. If it does not pack enough punch to stop the intended target in one shot, is it the right choice? Over penetration means you hit the intended target and much more! “Full metal jacketed bullets routinely over-penetrate past the desired 21 inches max desired depth…” (2022 Ammunition Characteristics and Bullet Type). You may hit the aggressor, but if it were the best defensive ammunition, you should not have to worry about it going through your target and then endangering your family, friends, or strangers.

2. Penetration (Part 2) - Does your round have the ability to protect you regardless of your environment? The best self-defense ammunition should hold up to barriers and the surroundings you exist inside of. Traditional hollow points in 9mm experience a 30% degradation through barriers according to Viper Weapons Testing. If you are in your car and an individual begins to aggress you with hostile intention that requires self-defense, can your current ammunition perform as intended through windshields or vehicles? If an aggressor is charging you with their vehicle, will your ammunition disarm the situation or allow the hostile individual to continue their assault? You have no way to know what situation you may find yourself in, but you do have the ability to know what your self-defense ammunition will do.

3. Performance - The best self-defense ammunition should always perform. According to Viper Weapons Testing, traditional hollow points fail 30% of the time and FMJ’s over penetrate. Solid copper ammunition is reliable over 95% of the time. Can you say with full certainty that your EDC ammo will perform 100% of the time?

5. Wound Cavitation – The best self-defense ammunition should allow you to escape with your life. The average PWC is a staggeringly low 3.5 cubic inches! Solid copper rounds have dynamically larger PWC's averaging over 10 cubic inches.

In summary, the G9 Defense 9mm 80 grain, solid copper External Hollow Point has a permanent wound cavitation of 16.6 cubic inches in ballistic gel. It experiences a 100% effectiveness rate because it does not need to deform to perform. The patented design stops it in 18” of ballistic gel every time regardless of barriers it traveled through first. Where traditional bullets go through soft and stop in hard, G9 is designed to go through hard and stop in soft. Pistol round, rifle wound cavity.