308 Win 145gr Barrier Blind Hollow Point

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Barrier Blind Hollow Point

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Internal Ballistics

Powder selection and bullet design ensure that the dynamic terminal performance of the round is not diminished in by barrel length.   The side geometry of the projectile   reduces the bearing surface engaged with the barrel. This leads to increased muzzle velocities while maintaining SAAMI standard pressures.

External Ballistics

High muzzle velocities make the .308 Barrier Blind Hollow Point considerably flatter shooting than other .308 rounds on the market. Another benefit is a shorter time of flight to target, which aids the shooter with shots on moving targets.

Terminal Ballistics

Upon contact with intended target the BBHP opens 2x to 2.5x caliber, producing a consistent 18” wound track every time. Nearly 100% weight retention and predictable penetration make this round ideally suited for hunting or defense. Due to the nature of CNC manufacturing, reliability far exceeds traditional jacketed hollow points.

Barrier Blind

Compared to other offerings on the market, the BBHP stands out in common barrier penetration and demonstrates zero to minimal deflection through windshields or car doors. After penetrating barriers, the BBHP still delivers and performs as designed on the intended target.

Solid Copper

The Barrier Blind Hollow Point is a non-lead alternative that performs better than traditional lead-based projectiles. By design, any traditional hunting bullet is going to result in exposing game meat to lead, and lead fragmentation appears in nearly every game carcass where the projectile expanded. The BBHP is compliant with CA law and can be used anywhere that hunting with lead is prohibited.


20 count box

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    Shipping times that trump other online stores

    Posted by Trevor Hunsaker on 6th Feb 2023

    I recently ordered these rounds around noon, they were shipped before 4. These shipping Lords have my respect.